Mangalorean Association of Canada celebrates Family Social – 2019

Report by Janet D’souza

Photographs by Sunil Bantwal.

Glittering chandeliers!  Vibrant and colorful décor!  Glitzy and spectacular evening wear!  It was an evening unparalleled in its celebration, ambience and execution.   The Annual Family Social organized by the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) on May 4, 2019 at the Payal Banquet and Convention Centre was a resounding success with over 500 guests, an astonishing number of sponsors, amazing gifts and a surprise event.  The Social was hosted by emcee, Melwyn D’Silva who ensured the completion of a flawless program; the live band, Big Foot, who enchanted the guests with their riveting vocals and all time classics and DJ, Kaya whose pulsating music got people flocking on to the dance floor.

The festivities started at around 7 pm with the emcee formally welcoming the guests and introducing the President of MAC, Manohar Pais.  Announcements for delicious appetizers and housekeeping rules followed and once done, the band set up the tone for the evening with some mellow music that beguiled the guests to sway and dance.  Line dancing was next and everyone, novices and the experienced, enthusiastically participated in it.    

The crème de la crème of the Family Social was the Jive dance competition.  The competitors performed with consummate perfection and unparalleled technique much to the excitement of an enthusiastic crowd.  It was definitely a difficult decision for the judges who determined the 3 winners after 2 sets of music and pre-determined rules.  The top winner was Derryl and Melanie Vaz; the second winner was Lloyd and Ayesha D’Costa and the third winner was Raveen and Natalia Lobo.  A surprise Salsa presentation was then performed by Angelo and Kathy De Torres, with their sensual movements and fluid swaying rhythmic steps.  Their energy and liveliness captivated the audience and in a wonderful spirit of community and camaraderie, both stayed on stage to teach a few Salsa movements to the guests.

Rev. Fr. Henry Alva led the Grace and he thanked God for showering his blessings and encouraged the association to continue their contributions to the community.  Dinner was served at 9.30 pm and was an amazing and ample buffet of salads, vegetables, meat and desserts that were delicious and satiated all types of tastes and palates.    Manohar Pais, President of MAC then addressed the audience, welcomed and introduced his new Executive Committee, thanked the guests for their support and participation, recapped the accomplishments of the association and highlighted the generosity of the sponsors. 

Sponsors contribute to the development of the association and provide them with the means to grow and fulfill their objectives and also generate immense goodwill within the community.  The sponsors for MAC are its pillars of strength never failing to demonstrate their abundant munificence.  2019 was also spectacular as MAC had sponsors from across the world spreading from Ontario to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Mangalore, India.  In recognition of their support and in appreciation for their continual encouragement, the sponsors were called upon, welcomed on stage and each was honored with a rose.  The amazing door prizes and 50/50 draw attracted the attention of guests who rushed to buy tickets.  The much awaited raffle and 50/50 draw was a huge success with 50% of the collection going towards Sneha Sagar, an orphanage for children in Mumbai.

A noteworthy mention to Sunil Bantwal, the photographer, who worked tirelessly to capture moments and memories that will be treasured by all guests.   An event of this magnitude requires the strong shoulders, selfless support, time and skills of an entire village and the Mangalorean community came together as one to volunteer to make this Family Social an overwhelming success.  MAC recognizes and thanks the collaboration and help of its guests, members and volunteers who with their passion and enthusiasm embodies the motto, “Together we make a difference”. 

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