About Us

Mangalorean Association of Canada

Starting small with gigantic dreams, the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) is now the driving power and innovator to uphold and sustain the rich culture, traditions and language of Mangalore. MAC is a non-profit, non-political volunteer organization based in Mississauga, a dynamic city located in the Ontario. It is committed to not only preserving the Konkani culture but also establishing and strengthening communication and relations with Mangaloreans in Canada and around the world.

Under the able and gifted leadership, and vision of Melwyn Menezes, the first Executive Committee (EC) steered MAC towards many triumphs and successes leading to tremendous contributions to the community. The successive EC’s led by Maxim D’Mello, an innovative and competent President established for MAC, a strong foundation, voice and representation in the community. MAC is a pioneer in organizing a celebration of the Nativity Feast or Monthi Fest in Canada and Stations of the Cross and service in Konkani during the Lenten season. One of MAC’s objectives is to make the Konkani community a partner in its growth and the development. To accomplish this goal, the Mangalorean Association of Canada welcomed Mangalorean residents of Canada to become active members in the association. The new members have brought in fresh perspective and infused new energy and have enabled us to reach a larger cross section of the community. It has also given them a voice in the running of the association and the planning of its activities.

The Mangalorean Association of Canada plays an integral role in providing a platform for developing leadership, especially among the youth of our community, through sports, literacy and cultural events. A Youth Forum was an excellent initiative focused on promoting, developing and mentoring the Mangalorean youth. The forum promotes open discussions on topics that matter most to the young men and women in our community. The forum promotes networking amongst the youth so they can demonstrate their talents and leadership and provide ideas to encourage and sustain the Mangalorean traditions, culture and language.

The present MAC Executive Committee (EC) continues to expand the framework, ideals, and vision established by the founder members: Melwyn and Eryl Menezes, late Vasant and Lily Salian, Paul and Irene Mathias, Lancy and Merlyn Rodrigues, Hyacinth and Freda DeSouza, Ivan and Lydwin Lobo, Ronald and Clara Fernandes, Ronald and Hilda D’Souza, late Herbert and Myrtle Lobo, Maxim and Prescilla D’Mello, Arun and Merlyn D’Mello, Peter and Florine D’Souza, Reynold and Elma Sequeira, Joe and Rose Pereira, Charles and Janet D’Souza, Maxim and Nancy Mendes.

Current Executive Committee