About Us

Mangalorean Association of Canada

Sixteen families launched The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) in 2002 to primarily provide the immigrant community an inclusive, supportive, thriving network to lean on and experience a sense of homecoming and belonging. Over the years and under the enthusiastic and gifted leadership of the Presidents and their Executive Committees, MAC has evolved into a unique unrivalled pioneer organization committed to building and promoting the Konkani culture, traditions, and language. MAC plays an integral role in establishing and strengthening communications with Mangalorean’s within Canada, creating platforms for leadership, networking, entrepreneurship, and representation within the adopted country. One of MAC’s first initiatives was to establish programs for family led social engagement and collaboration encouraging people to come together for lighthearted entertainment, leadership opportunities and demonstration of talents and skills.

MAC was the first association in Canada to celebrate Monthi Fest in 2003, a beloved feast for Mangalorean’s, reminiscent of rich traditions, music, solemnity, and fun. Consistently evolving, the association continued its upward trajectory to ensure that innovative programs were implemented to provide its supporters a continued sense of belonging. In 2010/2011, MAC introduced the annual Konkani Stations of the Cross and the powerful yet poignant Spiritual Retreats during the Lenten season. Each year, MAC advocates and encourages youth participation in youth choirs, altar serving, volunteer work, and emceeing at events. All the annual events such as the Family Social, Summer Family picnics, the Christmas Tree and the most recently organized, the MAC Christmas Bazaar are affirmations of the association’s mandate to promote a close-knit family environment for exchange of ideas, sustaining, promoting and incentivizing entrepreneurship, renewing friendships and alliances as well as providing opportunities for children to demonstrate their talents and leadership skills.

The youth in our community are an indispensable part of our future and our legacy; therefore, in 2011, MAC established the Annual Scholarship Program for first year university entrants and in 2023 introduced a new scholarship for a returning 2nd year university student. Demonstrating kindred spirit, empathy and solidarity, MAC is well known for its philanthropy as each year organizations are chosen to receive charitable funds to continue their meaningful work. MAC also has a great membership plan and strategy as growth in new membership is synonymous with recognition, opportunity, and success. 

Under the leadership of a pioneering Executive Committee, MAC revolutionized event management and social outreach. Using technology, the team created apps, automation for payments, e-tickets, wristbands eliminating paper and encouraging sustainability. At 24 years, MAC is a leader within the community and in an enviable position having made an everlasting and indelible name for itself.

Together, we make a difference.

Current Executive Committee