Scholarship Award Winners for 2020 / Nativity of BVM

The Mangalorean Association of Canada is proud to declare winners of the 2020 Educational Scholarship Program: 

1.  Jake Pereira – $1,000

2.  Aidan Mathias – $500

Education contributes to economic success, personal growth, awareness, understanding and nation-building.  The Mangalorean Association of Canada uses its resources to impact and influence the lives of students seeking higher education.  The youth in our community are an indispensable part of our future and legacy and in support of this investment, the Scholarship Program was established.

We are also grateful to the following sponsors who contributed generously to the Scholarship Award Program.

Wilson D’Souza – SonWil Finance Team

Reginald and Mary Fernandes

Leo and Precilla D’Cunha

Ronald Rego

Hyacinth and Freda DeSouza

Sanjay Vora

Also, on the eve of the Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary, we take this opportunity to wish you a “Happy Monthi Fest”.  Unfortunately, we could not come together as one large family to celebrate the feast this year.  Nevertheless, we hope that you will able to celebrate it with your family members at home, and pray that may Mother Mary intercede for us and help us overcome this situation soon and help our scientists to find a permanent cure to the dreadful disease, soon.