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Events : MFS Cricket Report 2015
on 2015/9/1 0:20:00 (591 reads)

By Reynold Sequeira

At the tournament concluded yesterday Mango Friendship Series (MFS) 7 overs a side tournament, the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) fielded a spirited XI to contest two other teams in Pool B to make the semifinals.

The Sunday crowed and MAC supporters witnessed big hitting by Skipper Santhosh D'Souza who had to retire on 30 as maximum allowed and opener Samson Soans cleared the ropes almost a dozen times with some lusty hitting. Good rearguard action by Sanjay Castelino and Alwyn Mathias kept MAC in the hunt on both occasions. Some good fielding in the deep end by Nelson Menezes and inner field positions by Vidya Alvares and Nina Crasta kept the run rate achievable.

Later, the spectators saw some penetrative bowling by Peter Crasta, Joel D'Souza, Ronald D'Souza and Olwin Pereira, but MAC fell short of wresting the initiative on both occasions.

MAC gratefully thanks its members and supporters, the MFS Organizers and officials and the MAC cricket team who have vowed to return stronger and victorious next time around.

Click the link for the pictures:

Celebrate Monthi Fest (Feast of Nativity) on September 13, 2015:

MAC Nativity 2015 Sponsorship Details and Benefits:

Events : Celebrate Monthi Fest (Feast of Nativity) on September 13, 2015 - Flyer
on 2015/7/28 19:28:12 (1397 reads)

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available for this event. Please contact us by email at

MAC Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary 2015

Events : Kon-Can Summer Track and Field 2015
on 2015/7/10 12:24:34 (573 reads)

Report: Olivia Moras
Pictures: Olivia Moras and Suneetha D'Souza

Kon-Can Summer Track Meet 2015 was held on Saturday 4th July 2015. Dynamic event was organized by KonCan (Konkani speaking Goan and Mangalorean community in Canada) under the leadership of Leo Lopez. The event was arranged at St. Marcellinus Secondary School ground at Mississauga. Co-sponsored by Mangaloren Association of Canada (MAC) yet another Mile Stone event which will be remembered for years. So much talent exhibited by all participants from both our community.

Organizers did a fabulous job by conducting such an outstanding event which will go on for many more years to come. Sports is a big part of our life. Participants specially youngsters and parents appreciated the opportunity and were all praises. Congratulations to all the Winners. Appreciation goes out to all those who participated. Volunteers were great and cheerful. Looking forward many more such events in the future from KonCan.

Here is the online photo album:

Events : MAC Family Picnic 2015 on June 27th
on 2015/6/28 23:50:00 (788 reads)

By Janet D'Souza
Pictures by Ivan Lobo

Overhanging dark clouds! Torrential relentless rain! Cold temperatures with nary a streak of sunshine! This should have been a recipe for disaster. Instead, Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) and the community used this opportunity to have a collaborative and fun camaraderie and solidarity session at the Annual Family Picnic.

MAC organized yet another successful event, the Annual Family Picnic on June 27, 2015 at the Meadowvale Conservation area. Organizers were pumped as the MAC banner was unfolded, Volleyball net was set up and the ground marked for the team events. The participants started to arrive filled with enthusiasm determined to enjoy the day with carefree abandon. With a welcome address from Maxim D'Mello (President of MAC) and a prayer from Lancy Rodrigues, the MAC picnic was officially on. Children, youngsters and young adults enjoyed Passing the Chocolate game, the Sack race and Lemon and Spoon race. Adults braved the pouring rain to play Lemon and Spoon race. And when it rained even heavier, people gathered under the gazebo, brought out the guitar and sang Konkani and English melodies from the 60's and 70's. Spirits did not lag, laughter did not cease and the community connected, socialized, relaxed and enjoyed an outing devoid of stress and the day to day rat race.

After a rousing game of Bingo, lunch was next on the program. Delicious, mouthwatering delicacies such as Pork, Vorn and Sannas were laid out. Paul Mathias, a magician when it comes to delectable watermelons, cut and served the refreshing fruit at the end of lunch. A ginger and cardamom tea was served by MAC to warm up the cold rainy day. And aptly as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Even in the mud and scum of things, something always, always sings." Such was the community that gathered on June 27th: they found something to sing about.

MAC appreciates the generosity of the sponsors: Maxim D'Mello of Maxpres Financial Solutions.

MAC thanks Leon Lobo for conducting the games and rallying the troops; Reynold Sequeira for conducting the Bingo games with his usual pizazz, all the members and the volunteers for their tireless efforts to coordinate and execute all the events of the day.

Attached is the link to the picnic pictures!

Events : MAC CELEBRATES FAMILY SOCIAL 2015 on May 23rd
on 2015/5/28 23:50:00 (896 reads)

From Manohar Pais

Photographs: Ivan Lobo and Vijay Pereira

The MAC FAMILY SOCIAL 2015, organised by Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) on Saturday the 23rd of May was a resounding success, and an event to remember for a long time to come.

The program began with the band playing popular soft songs of yesteryears which instantly created a romantic atmosphere in the Grand Taj Banquet Hall. At once there was "love in the air", and the dance floor flooded with couples both young and the old. The ambience so created remained afloat until the end of the program. The spellbinding music by the band BIGFOOT was in itself a thrilling experience. The seasoned members of the band with decades of experience behind each of them, delivered a thorough mixture of old and the new hit songs entertaining every soul until midnight. The Dashing Master of Ceremonies, ever popular Ivan D'Lima, created a comfortable environment with his wit, humour, and impeccable vocabulary entertaining the crowd throughout the program.

With over 20 couples participating, the Dance Competitions in two different genres i.e., Cha Cha Cha and Jive concluded successfully. While, Daryl & Melanie bagged first place, John & Daisy secured second place. In the Cha Cha Cha Category, Alan & Seema won first place, Daryl & Melanie won Second Place in the Jive Category.

Once again this year, the Goveas Sisters Samantha & Savannah mesmerised the crowd with their well synchronised Bollywood style performance. Their dance created a theatrical atmosphere in the auditorium with everyone scrambling to get a perfect view of the girls in action.

The line dancing under the guidance of Janet, Louella, Lydwin and Anita took everyone by storm. With over 100 dance enthusiasts rushing to the dance floor and tapping their feet to the well-arranged medley of songs, it was a lovely sight to watch.

Maxim D'Mello, President of MAC thanked the Sponsors for their generosity and unceasing support year after year. He emphasised the accomplishments of the association and the selfless service rendered by the executive committee. A plaque was presented to the team members of Radio Mango, in recognition of their unceasing support and committed service to the Konkani Community.

Gerry D'Mello invoked God's Blessings before declaring the scrumptious Buffet Dinner open.

With lots of goodies, prizes, delicious food, lovely music and lots of dance, it was indeed a night to remember.

MAC expresses its genuine gratitude to the guests who attended the Family Social despite commitments and busy schedules. MAC recognizes and appreciates the collaboration, support and assistance of the evenings' well-wishers and sponsors. MAC acknowledges and applauds the support, commitment and dedication of all its members and volunteers who worked hard to organize an event of this magnitude.

Here is the online photo album:

Event Sponsors:

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