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Events : MAC celebrates Monthi Fest 2016
on 2016/9/20 15:50:00 (1432 reads)

By Janet D'Souza
Pictures by Ivan Lobo, Virginia D'Mello and Vijay Pereira

The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary announced joy and salvation to a lost world. Mary was brought into this world pure, holy and glorious befitting one who was predestined to be the mother of the saviour. People and nations celebrate the birthdays of earthly beings with great enthusiasm and expectations. How then should we, Christians, rejoice and commemorate the birth of the mother of our salvation?

The Monthi Fest has tremendous significance to the Catholic community as it celebrates not only the birthday of the mother of Jesus Christ but also the new harvest. With a passion appropriate to this solemn yet festive event, the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) organized and hosted the traditional 'Monthi Fest' on September 11, 2016 at John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga. With announcements by John D'Souza and led by the Knights of Columbus, angelic children dressed in their finery placed flowers in honour of Mother Mary to the accompaniment of 'Sokkod Sangatha Melhyan' and 'Moriyek Hogolhsiyan'. The blessing of the corn and candles was done by Rev. Fr. Henry Alva. After the blessing, the people walked eagerly in a procession to the St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish for a Konkani Mass. With an overview from Gerry D'Mello, Rev. Fr. Edwin D'Souza, the main celebrant, led the Mass in Konkani to an enthusiastic congregation of worshippers. Rev. Fr. Andrew Lewis, Rev. Fr. Henry Alva, Deacon Sarfraz Pinto, Auxiliary Archbishop Rt. Rev. Lawrence Saldanha were co-celebrants at this Mass. The voices of the Konkani choir members reverberated through the church, a testimony to the immense talent and leadership of Merlyn Rodrigues, the choir leader. Blessed candles were distributed at the end of the liturgical celebrations to all sponsors in sincere appreciation of their generosity and unflagging support.

The cultural program commenced in the John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre with an introductory note by the vibrant emcee for the evening, Manohar Pais and a welcome address by Maxim D'Mello, President of MAC. A prayer by Sr. Ferdinanda was followed by a 3 minute audio visual presentation carefully choreographed by Leon Lobo that touched the hearts of the entire audience. It was a tribute to a humble and awe inspiring saint, our very own Mother Teresa and comprised of her pictures and quotes accompanied by a song sung by Usha Uthup. Written, edited and directed by Manohar Pais, the play 'Anaandache Mister' (Glorious Mysteries) was a stellar success largely due to the combined and outstanding talent and efforts of its director and local artistes. Each participating artiste invested time and energy into his/her performance and it was gratifying to see so many young children and adults on stage. The program flawlessly eased into honoring Walter D'Souza Nandalike, Founder and Managing Director of Daijiworld Media Pvt. Ltd and Dayan D'Souza Mukamar, Konkani activist, versatile orator and a talented leader. Maxim D'Mello together with past presidents of MAC, Ronald Fernandes and Melwyn Menezes led the honoring ceremony. The Novemn ceremony, the traditional drinking of milk with the new grain included the clergy, MAC EC members and main sponsors.

Dinner was a sumptuous array of vegetarian delicacies followed by the eagerly anticipated 'Vorn' catered to perfection by Konkan Delite. Dinner was followed by a soulful rendition of Ave Maria by Kierra Mathias. Not to be outdone, a versatile and immensely gifted youth band sang all-time favorites to toe tapping music entertaining the audience. A Bollywood dance and a cultural folk dance choreographed and performed by mostly youngsters was extremely popular and well received by all. The Scholarship award ceremony was facilitated by Reynold Sequeira. UAE Exchange Canada sponsored $500 towards the MAC scholarship and Rajesh PV of UAE Exchange Canada presented a cheque of $1000 to the lucky recipient, Ashton Mathias. A 50/50 raffle draw was done with the profits allocated to the Missionaries of Charity, established by Mother Teresa.

The Monthi Fest celebrations ended with Laudate and the cheers of the satisfied audience. MAC deeply appreciates the participation and help of all the volunteers and the dedication and commitment of its members who ensured the astounding success of Monthi Fest.

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Events : Invitation to con-celebrate the Mass during Midland Shrine Pilgrimage on July 23, 2016
on 2016/7/17 11:50:00 (734 reads)

Midland Shrine Pilgrimage on July 23rd

Events : Celebrate Monthi Fest (Feast of Nativity) on September 11, 2016 - Flyer
on 2016/7/12 0:20:00 (1751 reads)

MAC Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary 2016

Events : MAC Family Picnic 2016
on 2016/6/30 18:31:50 (1411 reads)

By: Janet D'Souza
Pictures by Ivan Lobo

A warm heat accompanied with a gentle breeze just enough to cool the fine sheen of sweat, shaded trees, the gazebo and tents, picnic chairs and lively spirits - it appeared as if Providence himself had decided upon a perfect day for a family picnic. The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) organized its annual family picnic on June 25, 2016 at the Meadowvale Conservation Park, Mississauga.

With a prayer and an opening address from Maxim D'Mello, President of MAC and blaring megaphone announcements, the festivities began with games for young kids such as Passing the Candy and running with a ball between the legs. The Sack race and the 3-legged race tested the agility and balance of the teenagers who hopped, straggled or ran towards the finish line. There were many who fell but buoyed by shouts of encouragement from the sidelines, they picked themselves up and finished the race. The Lemon and Spoon race was another fun game that tested the balance and determination of our youth. Not to be left out, moms and dads participated wholeheartedly perhaps reliving their youth and to prove that they are as capable as the younger generation. Our seniors were not to be left out and displayed their aim and mettle at Bocce Ball. The Water Balloon Throw is one of the most awaited game enjoyed by both adults and children alike. As the line-up was formed, men and women coached their partners on throwing and catching techniques. Poof! Splat! The balloons broke and drenched the unfortunate but the lucky winners were the ones who were able to successfully catch a water balloon without breaking it.

What is a picnic without the quintessential volleyball, throw ball and tug-of-war? The sunny temperatures and the picnic mood brought out the sportsmanship spirit in all the competitors as men, women and teenagers battled to win the team games. The tug-of-war with its aggressive tactics was a pleasure to watch as each side heaved, pulled and grunted to ensure its victory. The contestants clearly enjoyed the exercise, a testimony to skill and physical strength.

It was then time for lunch. Led in prayer by MAC's spiritual advisor, Rev. Fr. Edwin D'Souza, people helped themselves to a melange of dishes. Ranging from samosas to butter chicken, pastas to salad, everyone enjoyed a quiet meal with family and friends. Vorn, a delicacy of Mangalore, was generously served and thoroughly relished by all. A second round of activities ensued with MAC members selling tickets for a 50/50 draw and Bingo. Sweet, luscious and juicy watermelon cleansed the palates and provided a cool respite to the afternoon heat.

With a traditional cuppa 'chai' and biscuits, it was time for the winners of the 50/50 draw to be announced. People sat in the shade ready for a round of Bingo and once done, it was finally time to wind down a fun filled day of incessant activity and games.

As the sun set over the horizon and the youth played their last games, tired yet satiated people folded their umbrellas, packed their belongings and left content, smiling and happy to mingle with old friends, share a gossip or two or just soak in the sun with fellow Mangaloreans. MAC was tremendously successful in its objective to bring the community together, provide a venue to meet and mingle and offer opportunities for our youth to have a day of fun yet show initiative and leadership.

The Mangalorean Association of Canada appreciates the tremendous efforts and time expended by its members, families and the volunteers. Without each one's contributions, the picnic would not have been the successful event it was

Click the link for the pictures:

on 2016/6/3 11:06:30 (1018 reads)

By: Manohar Pais
Pictures by Ivan Lobo, Suneetha D'Souza and Merwin Moras

Awesome!!! is the commonly used phrase in Canada for anything that is Grand or breath-taking. This was heard a number of times when guests walked out of the Payal Banquet Hall at the end of the program on Sunday May 22nd 2016.

Mangalorean Association of Canada, popularly known as MAC presented its 15th Anniversary Special with pomp and style to an elegant crowd of over 400 people mainly comprising youth and married couples from the Greater Toronto Area.

At the outset, Ace Master of Ceremonies, the one and only Ivan D'Lima kicked off the program giving an overview of the events lined up with his repartee and jokes. He conducted the entire program ably in his unique style and flair. Within minutes the Band that has made waves in recent past, Bigfoot, created magic by playing nostalgic oldies. It took no time for the couples to occupy the dance floor and enjoy the soothing music rendered so smoothly by these experts, of Goan descent.

The line dancing session once again attracted both young and old with almost 80 percent of the crowd taking over the entire dance floor at once. The medley, carefully compiled by MAC's Dancing Troupe, kept every enthusiast in full spirit as he/she moved in line and turned around in perfect harmony.

The highlight of the event was the May Queen Contest. It was a pleasant sight to watch the beautiful young ladies walking on stage fully poised, and speaking to the audience with confidence and conviction. The response from every individual participant kept the crowd spellbound and resulted in huge applause. This was another example of the high standards and quality that MAC has displayed over the years in conducting programs and organising events. Among all the ravishing and gorgeous ladies, Nerissa D'Mello was declared May Queen, while Crystal Lobo and Lynn D'Souza were declared First Runner-up and Second Runner-up respectively. The other two participants, twin D'souza sisters Leonara and Leandra also received consolation prizes and acknowledgements. It was indeed an honour to have the May Queen crowned by ?Akhina Mooken Miss India Canada 2011?.

This was followed by the Jive Competition with Twelve couples participating. While the couples displayed high standard and excellent variations in their own unique style, Daryl and Melanie remained unbeaten for the second year in succession, winning first prize in the competition.

Fr. Henry Alva, a Mangalorean who has been recently appointed as the Provincial of Capuchins in Central Canada, explained how highly he values his own community and how much the community means to him. This was followed by invoking God's Blessings before Dinner. The yummy buffet spread that was prepared by the master chefs of the Banquet Hall received positive feedback from the guests. In essence, it created positive vibes in the atmosphere and remained through the rest of the program.

In his speech, Maxim D'mello current President of MAC thanked all Sponsors, Benefactors and volunteers for their relentless support. He briefly explained the various philanthropic and charitable activities undertaken by MAC in the last fifteen years. To celebrate the fifteen glorious years of service to the community Maxim D'mello, cut the cake together with past Presidents Melwyn Menezes and Ronald Fernandes. In a symbolic way this was to uphold MAC's motto ?together we make a difference?.

The second half was simply spellbinding with Bigfoot playing classic numbers one after the other. In spite of all other activities the dance enthusiasts were treated to three and a half hours of pure music for dancing and enjoyment. There were lots of prizes and goodies to be won during the show. All of the remaining amount collected at the Raffle draw was donated through Red Cross to the recent tragic event at Fort McMurray. In addition, MAC also declared a substantial contribution to the cause.

Hyundai Rexdale was the Main Sponsor and Frank Serrao of Dixie Toyota and Olivia Moras of Century 21 Real Estate Brokers, were the Co-sponsors of the event.

The entire program was conceived and co-ordinated by Manohar Pais, the Cultural Secretary.

MAC expresses its genuine gratitude to the guests who attended the Family Social despite commitments and busy schedules. MAC recognizes and appreciates the collaboration, support and assistance of the evenings' well-wishers and sponsors. MAC acknowledges and applauds the support, commitment and dedication of all its members and volunteers who worked hard to organize an event of this magnitude.

Click the link for the pictures:

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