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Events : Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) - Executive Committee 2017-2018
on 2015/1/31 11:00:00 (2383 reads)

MAC, a non-profit, non-political volunteer organization based in Mississauga, Ontario elected a new Executive Committee during the Annual General Meeting held in November 2016. This working group consists of active, enthusiastic members whose skills and talents encompass a wide spectrum of jobs and activities. It is the responsibility of this new working group to ensure that the association continues to thrive and grow and be actively involved in community service through a myriad of events: Social, Religious, and Humanitarian. It is the objective of the association to make the Konkani community a partner in its growth and development. Guiding the association through its journey, offering unflinching support and spiritual guidance is Rev. Fr. Edwin D'Souza, former pastor of Sts. Martha and Mary Parish, Mississauga. It is due to the dedicated and untiring efforts of Life members, former EC, current EC and our dearly departed members that MAC has triumphed over challenges and accomplished great things.

"Together we make a difference" this motto is engrained in everything MAC stands for and strives for. The association is a remarkable platform for anyone who searches for opportunities, a beacon for those hoping for familiar traditions and reminisce about ancestral homes and a strong driver championing leaders and youth.

We wish the association continued success.


Seated (L to R): Prescilla D'Souza (Assistant Treasurer); Olivia Moras (Joint Secretary); Melwyn Menezes (Vice President); Manohar Pais (President); Vidya Alvares (Sports and Youth Secretary); Cynthie Fernandes (General Secretary); Nina Crasta (Liturgical Facilitator).

Back row (L to R): Olwin Pereira (Cultural Secretary); Louis Pereira (Treasurer); Manoj D'Cunha (PR Coordinator); Leonard Crasta (Web Master); Ivan Lobo (Auditor).

Local News : Pinto to join OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission to Ukraine
on 2014/10/28 21:30:00 (850 reads)
Local News

In two weeks, Canada's Aaron Joshua Pinto will fan out across Ukraine along with hundreds of Canadian election observers to monitor the integrity of the embattled country's early Verkhovna Rada parliamentary elections.

Pinto has been selected through CANADEM, commissioned by the federal government, to join the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) Election Observation Mission (EOM) in Ukraine.

The EOM supports transparency and democracy by undertaking electoral analysis and stakeholder engagement. Pinto and other observers will be there to monitor the election process and by their presence, encourage a fair and democratic election.

In early September, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine invited the OSCE/ODIHR to observe the early parliamentary elections scheduled for 26 October 2014.

Canada, an OSCE participating State, is sending 90 short-term observers (STOs), including Aaron, to observe voting, counting and the tabulation of results for two weeks. There will be 60 long-time observers (LTOs) joining the OSCE/ODIHR EOM, as well as 12 Canadian parliamentarians who will join the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Election Observation Mission delegation.
International Election Observers are deployed throughout the country in multinational teams of two to assess the close of the campaign, voting, counting and tabulation of results. Observers are strictly impartial and they work to bring irregularities to the attention of election officials and the Central Election Commission of Ukraine.

Upon arriving in the capital Kyiv on October 21st, Aaron will attend a pre-election briefing. The briefing will cover all parts of the election process, as well as logistical and security information Specific topics include: general information, country-specific information, findings so far (interim reports), political background including parties and candidates, election and legal aspects of the process, media landscape, info regarding the political participation of women and national minorities (i.e. Roma and Sinti), election day procedures and reporting, code of conduct, security situation, and logistical information, including deployment.

After a day and a half of briefings, Aaron will be deployed to his Area of Observation in Ukraine and will have a chance to attend a regional debriefing and familiarize himself with the assigned observation region and polls before Election Day.

OSCE observers will be present in all "oblasts" or provinces in Ukraine, except Crimea, the strategic region on the Black Sea which Russia took over in March.

Election Day on October 26th will be a long day for Aaron. He will observe the opening, polling and closing of an average of 10 polling stations during the day. He will have to witness every aspect of the election process, from the formal unsealing of the ballot boxes to the demonstration that they are empty. He will also witness the tabulation process and the physical transportation of the ballots.
After Election Day, Aaron will travel back to Kyiv and attend a debriefing. This will provide an opportunity for him and other observers to discuss major findings and share conclusions with other observers and EOM members.

The EOM will hold a press conference on the day after the elections to present its preliminary findings and conclusions. A comprehensive final report will be issued by the OSCE/ODIHR approximately two months after the election process has been completed, taking into account Aaron?s findings as well as those of other observers.

The OSCE/ODIHR last observed the parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2012 and the early presidential election in May 2014. This will be the eleventh OSCE/ODIHR election observation activity in Ukraine.

Aaron is a recent graduate of the Honours International Relations and French programme at Western University. He is currently the Co-Chair of the Mississauga City Youth Council, an international trade intern at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto and is Canada's OSCE Youth Ambassador.


"I am very honoured to be selected as an International Election Observer. It is with pride that I have the opportunity to join fellow Canadians and others from the OSCE to play a role in fostering democratic principles of freedom and good governance at such a challenging time in Ukraine."

"Civic engagement and democracy are a passion of mine. I am excited to be putting my academic background in international relations and my experience volunteering, studying and working abroad to good use. Being a part of the Mission will provide an opportunity for me to learn as much as I can about electoral processes and observation."

"Many Ukrainians have been waiting for these upcoming elections since the Maidan protests. They believe the elections are a chance to restart the government and help President Poroshenko make systematic democratic reforms to propel the country forward."

"This is an important election for the people of Ukraine, and an important election for national and geopolitical stability. If there is going to be forward progress, then the October elections need to be viewed as legitimate by the people. This is why the work of the International Election Observation Mission is crucial. We are going as observers to make sure that the election that will be held is free and fair."

Short-term observers (STOs) deployment schedule:

Tuesday, 21 October Last date for arrival in Kyiv
Wednesday, 22 October STO briefing (Day 1)
Thursday, 23 October STO briefing (Day 2); deployment to the areas of observation for most STOs
Friday, 24 October Deployment to the areas of observation for some STOs; familiarization with areas of observation
Saturday, 25 October Familiarization with areas of observation
Sunday, 26 October Election Day
Monday, 27 October Observation of tabulation of results; regional debriefing of STOs
Tuesday, 28 October Observation of tabulation of results; some STOs return to Kyiv
Wednesday, 29 October Most STOs return to Kyiv; central STO debriefing; reception
Thursday, 30 October STO repatriation

Local News : Obituary: Florencia DeSouza (88 years), Aldona, Goa, India
on 2014/10/27 20:20:00 (604 reads)
Local News

The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) and all its members offer their sincere condolences on the passing away of Florencia DeSouza, Mother of Jacintho/Freda DeSouza, Grand mother of Aaron, Craig, Gareth/Merlyn, on October 26, 2014 in Aldona, Goa, India.

Funeral cortege will leave her residence Castel Vaddo, Aldona, Goa on October 28, 2014 at 4pm to St. Thomas Church, Aldona for Eucharistic celebration followed by burial.

For details, please click:

May God grant the strength and courage to Jacintho and Freda and their family to overcome this tragedy. Our prayers and support are with the family.

Mangalorean Association of Canada
Membership form:


Events : MAC Annual General Meeting on Sunday November 23, 2014
on 2014/10/26 11:50:00 (838 reads)

Dear Members

The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) would like to invite you all to attend the Annual General Meeting to be held on November 23, 2014.

The venue is Sts. Martha and Mary Parish, 1870 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Mississauga, Ontario L4X2S5.

The meeting will begin at 3.00 pm.

The agenda for the meeting is:
- Welcome Speech
- Prayer and blessings from Spiritual Director
- Year to Date - Review
- Financial Report
- Certification of Accounts ? Auditor's Statement
- Introduction of nominees for the Executive Positions
- Campaign speech by each nominee (If desired)
- Election of candidates
- Refreshments

The Mangalorean Association of Canada welcomes change and in keeping with its mandate is keen to encourage, develop and foster leadership qualities within its members and the community. We need leaders to take the association to new heights nationally and internationally, expand its existing vision and ensure the name in the annals of history.

Please take on the challenge and come forward with your nominations. As per the Constitution, clause 7.31.3 - "A member intending to nominate himself / herself for election to any post within the Executive Committee must be enrolled as a member for a minimum period of 6 months and should be in good standing."

Nominations should be handed in person in a sealed envelope or mailed with the following on the front of the envelope: Confidential - "Nomination for EC election, November 2014, Mangalorean Association of Canada".

Inside the envelope, please insert the nomination form with your name clearly written and check position you are interested in contesting for. Please provide your phone number and email address.

The cutoff date and time for handing in nominations is November 09, 2014 12.00 noon. The envelopes can be handed in person or mailed to any of the following Election Commissioners:

Pamela Soans
Address: 5561 Cosmic Crescent, Mississauga ON L4Z3S1 - Phone # 905-568-0334

The date to withdraw nominations is November 16, 2014.
Date of election: November 23, 2014
Venue: Sts. Martha and Mary Parish, 1870 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Mississauga, Ontario L4X2S5
Time: 3 to 5.30 pm

Nomination Form 2014

Best Wishes,

Mangalorean Association of Canada
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Events : MAC celebrates Monthi Fest 2014
on 2014/9/21 23:40:00 (1266 reads)

Photograph by: JERSON MARQUES

"Monthi Fest" or the Nativity of our Lady elicits a magical effect on the psyche of the Konkani Catholics around the globe. It evokes a flood of fond nostalgic memories in their minds of sugarcane, sticky candy, borrowing flowers from the neighborhood, delicious meals from freshly harvested vegetables and so on. Through the years many lovely customs and folk traditions have evolved around this feast such as the blessing of the new corn, showering of flowers to Infant Mary, consuming the grains of the new harvest in a cup of milk or sweet "Vorn", and eating a variety of vegetarian dishes at the festive meal. This heartwarming harvest feast celebrates and culminates the hard work of the Konkan farmers with to the birthday of dear Mother Mary.

The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) which comprises of the Konkani Catholic community of Greater Toronto celebrated the "Monthi Fest" on Sunday, 14th September 2014 with devotion and splendor at St. Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Mississauga. Parents and children assembled in the evening at Pope John Paul II hall to honor the Infant Mary. The program commenced with a welcome note by Gerry D'Mello who assumed the leadership for the processional arrangements. A solemn procession of tiny tots and little children carrying plates of flowers entered the hall and they eagerly placed flowers in honor of Mother Mary to the great tune of "sokkod sangatha mellyam" and "Moriyek Hogolsiyan". Lancy John Rodrigues, the Spiritual Coordinator of MAC led the novena prayers. Rev. Fr. Terrence Dias conducted the ceremony of blessing the "Bambino" (the statue of Infant Mary), new sheaves of grain, Muddhom Candles and the Rosaries. The community gathered there were thrilled to see this display of enthusiasm and devotion not only from the adults but from the children as well.

The High Mass in Konkani concelebrated at St. Maximilian Kolbe church in the presence of Most Reverend Leo Cornelio, Arch-Bishop of Bhopal, India of Kalyanpur/Mangalore origin (the main celebrant), Most Reverend Henry D'Souza, Bishop of Bellary, India of Kinnigoli/Mangalore origin. Most Reverend Lawrence John Saldanha, Arch-Bishop Emeritus of Lahore of Mangalore origin could not make it due to ill-health. The co-celebrants were Rev. Fr. Edwin D'Souza, the spiritual director of MAC, Fr. Henry Alva, Fr. Andrew Lewis, Fr.Terrence Dias, Fr.Lancy Lobo and Fr.Mark Andre Campbell.

The church reverberated with the voices of the faithful and the magnificence and significance of the feast was evident in the huge crowd gathered. The altar decorations, the altar servers and the festive ambience of the church were really soul-elevating and added to the solemnity of the event. The walls of the church resonated with the mellifluous singing of the Konkani choir conducted by Merlyn Rodrigues. The homily delivered by Bishop Rt.Rev.Dr.Henry D'Souza was very enlightening and thought provoking. Overall, the whole atmosphere was so devotional and captivating that the congregation felt that they were attending a Eucharistic celebration back home in their native towns and villages. During the Holy Mass Arch-bishop Leo Cornelio presented "Muddhom Candles" to the sponsors who generously supported the event.

After the Mass there was the distribution of the blessed grain and rosaries to all the families of the Eucharistic celebration. The children received chocolate treats in lieu of the traditional sugarcane.

The cultural program commenced at Pope John Paul II hall with a hearty welcome that was extended to an overwhelmingly full hall by the emcee, Manohar Pais. With his charming and inimitable style, Manohar built a rapport with the audience. Ronald Fernandes, the dynamic President of MAC, welcomed the audience to the celebration of the Monthi Fest and the cultural program. He highlighted the accomplishments of MAC and thanked the clergy, sponsors, volunteers and guests for their time, selfless sacrifices, time and energy. Seneca Rego, a budding Bharat Natyam artiste in Canada, gave an awe-inspiring Indian dance performance to the tune of a Konkani hymn.

The highlight of the program was a Konkani skit "Monthi Mayechem Ajjeap" (Miracle of our Blessed Virgin Mary) written by Konkani's veteran writer Naveen Kulshekar and directed by renowned Konkani artiste Manohar Pais and enacted by the actor par-excellence Violet Pais, Laveena D'Souza, Gerry D'Mello and the renowned comedians of Santhu-Monthu fame Santosh D'Souza and Rony Monteiro. Each actor is to be commended for their unique accomplishment as the skit was a resounding success and appreciated by all.

As part of the MAC mandate to promote and encourage youth in the field of education, the UAE Exchange Scholarship of $500 was awarded to Dixon D'Cunha by Gurpreet Singh Bedi of UAE Exchange. The scholarship award ceremony was led by Janet D'Souza, the vibrant Vice-President of MAC.

Bishop Henry D'Souza delivered a key address giving a dynamic foresight for the entire community especially for the younger generation. Roy Castelino, the President of Karnataka Konkani Sahitya Parishad & Konkani Prachar Sanchalan who was the guest of honor in his speech stressed on importance of speaking of our mother tongue Konkani with our children.

Konkan Delite catered a traditional all-vegetarian meal with the highlight of the meal being the delicious "Pothrade' and the traditional dessert, "Vorn". The guests commended the quality and taste of the authentic meal. Raffle prizes were announced and the evening ended with a solo Konkani song by Canada's budding Singing sensation Linton Pinto and Konkani baila followed by Laudate by the acclaimed Konkani singers in Canada comprising of Anita Prabhu, Sonia Monteiro, Violet Pais, Lucy D'Mello, Manohar Pair, Wilson D'Souza & Gerry D'Mello. Leon Lobo is to be commended for organizing an outstanding presentation in appreciation of sponsors, the clergy and including key points of the events. Jerome Cardoza, the Cultural Coordinator ensured that the program ran smoothly and was seamless. A BIG salute to all the sponsors, members and the volunteers who worked diligently and tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a tremendously successful Monthi Fest 2014!

Here is the online photo album:

Best Wishes,

Mangalorean Association of Canada
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