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Local News : Herbert Lawrence Lobo: A remembrance of a life well lived
on 2007/9/30 20:20:00 (4458 reads)

Albert Einstein said, “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value”. It never occurred to Herbert to gain wealth, or fame, or join the rat race to achieve a high position and profile or acquire material possessions. He was a simple man who believed his most valued wealth were his family, his friends, his catholic values, trust and his unswerving principles. He touched the life of everyone he met – sometimes with a kind word and gesture or a joke narrated with a deadpan face; sometimes with a helping hand like chauffeuring kids to a play practice; sometimes with an invitation to share a meal with him and then rushing home to request his wife to cook at short notice; sometimes with his presence in an emergency or just lending a patient ear.

Herbert passed away on September 26, 2007 after a tremendous battle to beat all odds. Countless people grieved over his passing. At his funeral wake, people refused to move away from his casket as if willing him to rise again. At each viewing, the catholic prayer group sang hymns that personified a loss deeply mourned and a life well lived. The Knights of Columbus conducted prayers and Rosary for their brother while his family and friends poured out their hearts in words and actions. The clergy conducted wake prayers and prayed for the departed soul of Herbert to ease his passage into the kingdom of the Lord.

In deference to his wishes, the Knights of Columbus organized a Guard of Honor for Herbert’s funeral service held at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Mississauga on Saturday, September 29, 2007. The touching homily by Msgr. Terence D’Souza soothed the hurt and sorrow experienced by his family and friends. When he was finally laid to rest, family, friends and acquaintances broke down at the finality of death and at the thought that things would not be the same without him.

What was the measure of Herbert’s worth? Was it in the fact that hundreds of people attended the wake and his funeral service? Was it in the tears and immense sorrow expressed by all? Was it in the countless prayers said by people worldwide or was it in the helping hand extended by all without a thought to inconvenience? Could it be seen in the caring and love and sleepless nights shown by his wife, parents and daughters? Herbert’s merit shone like a beacon in all of these things and he was loved because his every thought and action came from the genuine nature of his heart and his strong belief that there is goodness in everybody.

Herbert lives on not only in our hearts and minds but everyday through his actions and laughter. He lives on through his children, the reminiscing of his family and friends of good times and bad.

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