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Events : MAC Picnic 2006 - A Grand Success
on 2006/6/26 13:10:00 (2152 reads)

Balmy skies, pleasant breeze, shaded trees and lively spirits even the heavens smiled and cheered as the MAC members opened the registration desk for hordes of happy people. The Mangalorean Association of Canada concluded its 5th Annual Family Picnic on June 24, 2006 at the Meadowvale Conservation Park, Mississauga.

Music blared, children screamed with joy and the babies seemed contented as everyone found a niche to pitch their umbrellas, chairs and iceboxes. Teenagers in their hip and svelte looking summer attire looked ready to enjoy the group games, chill with their friends and exchange the latest gossip. The Earth ball, a 6-foot round inflated ball was the star attraction for the young ones who climbed it, hugged it, posed by it, curled up on it or simply kicked it around.

With the blow of a whistle and the blaring megaphone announcements, the festivities began with a Hula Hoop game for kids between the ages 6 to 12. As the kids passed the Hula Hoop merrily, a throng of people cheered them on. The 3-legged race tested the agility and balance of the teenagers who hopped, straggled or ran towards the finish line. It was gratifying to note that the picnic grounds had a huge gathering of teenagers and young adults who participated wholeheartedly. Our seniors were not to be left out and they showed their enthusiasm and mettle in the Musical Arms game. What is a picnic without water? The Water Balloon Throw is one of the most popular organized games among adults. As the line up was formed, men and women coached their partners on throwing and catching techniques. Poof! Splat! The balloons broke and drenched the unfortunate but the lucky winners were the ones who were able to successfully catch a water balloon without breaking it. For the little ones under 5, parents were proxy for the game Passing the Parcel.

MAC Kids organized the Lemonade Stand to collect funds for the The Toronto Humane Society, a society established to prevent cruelty to animals and receiving no aid from the government. The children persuaded, smiled, yelled and worked their charm on adults and convinced them to buy lemonade all for a noteworthy cause. Their efforts and hard work will be appreciated by a cat or a dog that will be nurtured and protected.

The picnic entrance fee was sponsored by two generous benefactors. The attendees appreciated and supported the gesture. The sponsors were: Flavian Pinto, an investments and insurance solutions advisor with Clarica ( and Raymond D'Almeida of Raitech Automation & Electric Inc. ( Refreshing evening tea from Tim Horton was sponsored by Maxim Mendes, Realtor and Canadian Immigration Consultant of Max Mendes Group ( The tea was a wonderful and much welcomed surprise for everyone who attended the picnic. The volleyball rental package and game as well as a gift were generously sponsored by Ronald Mathias, Realtor, Remax Realty Specialist Inc. ( The sponsored gift was used as a prize for the Bingo game. The Tug O War rental was sponsored by Vijay Dante of Udupi Madras Cafe, Mississauga (905-277-0010), an immensely popular restaurant which serves mouth watering and authentic South Indian cuisine.

Group games such as volley ball and throw ball generated immense interest among the men and women. Women, young and old, rolled up their sleeves and prepared to play a spirited and aggressive yet enjoyable game of throw ball. The men flexed their muscles and arms and demonstrated their killer instincts and winning edge during the volley ball game. Every single participant in the two games had a thrilling set of games. Tug O War! That heavy rope which determines sheer brute strength, technique and team work! Men and women, children and teens did not hesitate to form teams and in a show of unity heave themselves to victory and the other team to defeat.

The crowd dispersed for lunch with a prayer. Bingo provided respite from the hectic fun and a time to relax and sit. Monetary prizes were awarded to the delight of the crowd and the winners walked away with a tidy amount. A dance and music session was organized towards the close of the picnic.

As the sun set and the evening came to an end, people folded their umbrellas, packed their belongings and left tired but content, smiling and happy to mingle with old friends, share a gossip or two or just soak in the sun with fellow Mangaloreans. MAC was tremendously successful in its objective to bring the Mangalorean community together, provide a venue to meet and mingle and offer opportunities for our youth to have a day of fun yet show initiative and leadership. Our special thanks to Fr. Darryl Miranda and Sr. Ferdinanda for being our Guests of Honour.

MAC earnestly appreciates the kind generosity of the sponsors who gave willingly and the MAC members who worked extremely hard to ensure that the picnic was a superb success.

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