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on 2011/6/23 13:40:00 (1843 reads)

Centennial Park in Toronto came alive on June 18, 2011 as the Mangalorean community brought their picnic umbrellas, water coolers, enthusiasm and participated in the 2011 Annual Family Picnic organized by MAC.

Beautiful sunny skies and even sunnier moods set the tone for the day and with the blow of a whistle and the blaring megaphone announcements, the festivities began. Passing the parcel, skipping, sack race, 3-legged race and the lemon and spoon race kept the children and adults engaged. With happy smiles, some teary faces and eager hands, the children accepted the candy bars and gifts. The star attraction was the Bouncing Inflatable, a Blue Castle that kept the children enthralled as they bounced and hopped in it. Bocce Ball kept our seniors on their toes as they aimed to get the balls closest to the target. The most popular game was, of course, the water balloon throw and everyone participated in it wholeheartedly.

The family picnic is designed to bring the community together in a non-stressful and relaxed atmosphere. Families and friends caught on news and events while children made the most of their freedom. Team sports generated competitiveness but also team spirit and sportsmanship. In every game, there are winners and losers but at the MAC picnic, there were no losing teams. People participated wholeheartedly and enjoyed an aggressive game of throw ball and volleyball. The Tug O War contest is elevated to an Olympic sport at the MAC picnic as men and women gird their loins and put on a show of strength, agility and determination.

The potluck was a mouth watering display of authentic Mangalorean dishes, Italian pizza and spaghetti, curries and rice dishes. Bingo provided respite from the hectic fun and a time to relax and sit. Monetary prizes were awarded to the delight of the crowd and the winners walked away with a tidy amount. Tea perked up the sleepy heads in the evening and delicious watermelon was cut and served by Paul and Irene Mathias. MAC appreciates the generosity of Dinesh and Cheryl Jairaj for being the sponsors at the picnic and promoting their insurance products and Global RESP's. Our special thanks to Sr. Ferdinanda for her blessings and prayers, Reynold Sequeira for enthusiastically conducting the games and bingo, Jerry Cardoza for his assistance with games and announcements, photographers Ivan Lobo and Vijay Pereira and all the members and volunteers for their time and effort.

The picnic was a grand success with participation from over 350 people who came together in a spirit of camaraderie and friendship. MAC thanks all members and volunteers who worked tirelessly to organize and coordinate and put in tremendous effort to ensure that the picnic was an enjoyable event.

Check the photographs here:


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