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Events : Communication Leadership Mentoring Workshop
on 2011/4/12 12:10:00 (1671 reads)

The Mangalorean Association of Canada sponsored nine youth to attend a Communication Leadership Mentoring Workshop conducted by the Konkani Association of Ontario. Lillian Lobo, one of the attendees, implemented what was imparted at the workshop and volunteered to gather feedback from the other youth attendees and compile it. We thank her for her initiative and her contribution:

On March 26th 2011, the Konkani Association of Ontario conducted the Communication, Leadership and Mentoring Workshop. The workshop provided great tips on public speaking, and career planning for the future.

“The Konkani Association of Ontario provided young adults with the opportunity to improve upon their communication skills and also be inspired for future education and careers with their Communication, Leadership and Mentoring Workshop. I attended the event for the valuable experience and practice in public speaking as well as to learn something new. The activities and presentations provided did exactly that in a fun and relaxed environment. I recommend other young adults to participate in future endeavors relating to communication, leadership and mentoring for the possibility of improving upon skills and becoming more involved members of the community.”- said Michele D’Mello.

“I went to this workshop because I thought it would be a great experience which would help me become more confident and would help me take a significant step towards becoming a better speaker. Overcome I learned many new tips about how to compose a proper speech, how to present the speech so that the audience engages in it, and also how to speak without preparation, under short notice. I also got a better idea of careers I could choose in the future. Other should attend because this workshop gives each person a chance to break out of their shell and gain more self-confidence by speaking in front of others. This program does a great job at making you more comfortable with speaking in front of others. Finally, it teaches you the importance of communication and how it will help you in your career and what you choose to do in later life.”- Sonia Sequeira

“I went because I thought it would be a good opportunity to improve my public speaking and to help learn what future steps I need to take for my education and career plan. I learned how to evaluate other's speeches and how to do it in a way that helps the reader, by encouraging them in a way that improves self-esteem and flaws in their public speaking. I also learned what to talk about in speeches and how to grab listeners' attention. Others should attend because I think it would be a great opportunity for those who need assistance on improving their public speaking due to shyness or other reasons. It is also a fun event that exposes you to new people and gives you an opportunity to learn from each other. High school students should especially attend the event because it helps boost confidence and helps them with future career planning.”- Alistar D’Souza

“I went because I wanted to learn how to speak. I learned how to speak and others who don't know how to speak should attend to learn.”- Dixon D’Cunha

“I went cause of my parents. I learned about evaluations and impromptu speeches and the 3-point method. Others should attend because it was fun and educational.”- Trisha Pinto

“I liked how the first part of the workshop was interactive.”- Chriselle Vaz

I enjoyed this workshop, as it enhanced my public speaking skills and taught me how to deliver a proper speech. I also learned how to evaluate speeches, and engage the audience when I am speaking. The guest speakers presented at this workshop shared tips on career planning for the future. I look forward to attending the follow up session
We would like to thank all those that helped organize the event, for providing us with food and keeping us entertained, in both a fun yet educational way. Special thanks to the Mangalorean Association of Canada for sponsoring us and the Konkani Association of Ontario for conducting the workshop.
Lillian Lobo

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