MAC to honour Merlyn Rodrigues during ‘Monthi Fest’ on Sept 8th

The Monthi Fest is of special importance to the Catholic community residing in Canada, as it celebrates not only the birthday of the mother of Jesus Christ but also the new harvest. Through this feast celebration, people demonstrate unity and solidarity in the Catholic faith, their rich ethnic heritage and work towards enriching their children’s love of Konkani culture. 

The Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) to whom this pioneer venture is attributed to, is organizing the event on Sunday, September 8 at the St. Maximilian Kolbe Church followed by a cultural programme at John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre in Mississauga. Children are encouraged to bring flowers at 3.30 pm to offer to Mother Mary and sweets will be distributed to the participants. A Konkani High Mass will be celebrated by over 6 priests including Fr Henry Alva OFM.Cap.Provincial of the Franciscan Capuchins of ‘Mary Mother of Good Shepherd’ province, in the region English speaking Canada as the main celebrant. Renowned Konkani singers in Canada will join the angelic choir under the dynamic leadership of acclaimed musician Merlyn Rodrigues. 

This year, the Konkani community in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas will be privileged to celebrate their most cherished ‘Monthi Fest’ witnessing a unique honour bestowed on Merlyn Rodrigues, popularly known as the Konkani Nightingale of Canada, for her immense contribution for the community through her great talent of music. This is the first time ever MAC is instituting such honour. 

Konkani singer Merlyn Rodrigues has always chosen to keep a low profile.   That does not mean her contribution as a Konkani singer is insignificant or is not recognized by connoisseurs of Konkani music. Those who have heard and seen her singing vouch for her mellifluent voice etched in their memory. Born and raised in Mangaluru, Merlyn is the second among six children of the late Ligoury D’Souza and the late Alice D’Souza from the renowned parish of Derebail, Mangaluru. She is married to Lancy Rodrigues and they have a son and daughter and two grand children. 

Merlyn has been singing since her childhood days. Started singing in the church choir since high school, which gave her an opportunity to hone her music talents. She joined St. Dominic Church choir , Ashoknagar when the new church was built in 1970 and was choir leader for over 8 years before she moved to Abu Dhabi after completing her studies in search of greener pastures. She met her life partner Lancy Rodrigues in Abu Dhabi who remained as her great supporter in all her extra-curricular activities in the church as well as other cultural events. 

Merlyn fondly remembers and wishes to express her gratitude for the encouragement that she received from the parish priest late Fr Reginald Cardoza who introduced her to the late Patrick Carlo , a renowned musician at Bishop’s House, Kodialbail, Mangaluru and the late Fr Walter Albuquerque S J from the Retreat House , who were instrumental in training her and enhancing her talent in singing and music.  

After moving to Abu Dhabi she was a member of St Joseph’s Church choir for 15 years and choir conductor for over 8 years . During this time , she had the privilege of conducting the choir for the celebration Mass in Latin for the   late Bishop Bernard Gremoli’s 50th priesthood anniversary and 25years as a Bishop and was also recognized for her services with a Certificate of Papal Blessing from Rome. 

Merlyn was also Executive committee member of Konkan Cultural Organization (KCO Abu Dhabi ) since its formation in 1995, contributed to the cultural events organized by KCO and was the choir conductor for Monthi Fest and monthly Konkani Mass until she immigrated to Canada. 

Apart from the Church activities she also participated in the activities and concerts organized by the following groups in Abu Dhabi:

*          Abu Dhabi Choral Group

*          Indian Ladies Association

*          Khaleej Times Women’s’ Association

*          Karnataka Sangha – Managing Committee member 

After moving to Canada she joined the St Francis Xavier’s Church Choir in 2001 and has been singing with this group until now. She was one of the founding members of the Mangalore Association of Canada and has been conducting the Konkani choir for over 15years. She took an active role in singing with Sangeeth Samraat Henry D’Souza during Lorna Henry Live in Concert in Canada organized by Radio Mango. 

She also took lead in organizing Konkani Choral singing at the ‘Voices for Christ’ event organized by the Knights of Columbus in December 2018 in Mississauga, Canada. Professionally she started her career as a banker working in Abu Dhabi for Khaleej Commercial Bank for 7 years and Citibank for 10 years before moving to Canada and has been working for Royal Bank of Canada for the past 15 years as a Financial Advisor. 

In addition to the honour for Merely Rodrigues, a power-packed cultural programme has been organized to satisfy the clamoring demands of the community. Manohar Pais, the dynamic president of MAC, informed Daijiworld that the preparations are going on in full swing and that there will be a big turnout this year. He urged the Konkani community residing in Mississauga and surrounding areas not to miss this golden opportunity and to attend in large numbers to celebrate our Blessed Virgin Mother’s birthday celebration. An authentic sumptuous vegetarian Mangalurean dinner ‘Novem Jevonn’’ catered by Canada’s one and only ‘Konkan Delite’ will be served at the Monthi Fest. He also informed that only a few tickets are available and requested to buy entry passes at the earliest to avoid disappointment.  Undoubtedly this will be a unique and memorable Konkani event for Konkani Diaspora residing in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Celebrate Monthi Fest on Sep 8th

Come, participate in cultural program

Together we make a DIFFERENCE!  Young people hold the key to a bright new future and legacy and the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) organizes the platform to present, develop and support our youth.

The Nativity event is one such platform where we strive to unleash the immense talents and skills within our community and MAC is extending an invitation to our youth to step forward and display these wondrous gifts in the field of music, dance and acting.  You can do a solo song or dance, or actively get your friends and family to participate in a group performance.  Who does not like a good laugh and entertainment? A fun skit or comedy act is always welcome and appreciated. Performances can be in English, Hindi or Konkani.

The Nativity event on September 8, 2019 is the perfect opportunity to display your community spirit, your creativity and your artistic deftness.  We encourage your engagement and support in this colossal initiative that MAC is organizing as way of unifying and strengthening our community.

Please reach out to any of the following people either by email or phone, if you would like to participate or have an act you want to perform:

Vidya Alvares – – 6472879004

Prescilla D’souza – – 6476361351

Laveena D’souza – – 2892326636

John D’souza – – 6474669235 

Best Wishes,

Manohar Pais

President – Mangalorean Association of Canada


Report by Janet D’souza
Photographs by Ivan Lobo

“I don’t ask for the meaning of the song of a bird or the rising of the sun on a misty morning. There they are, and they are beautiful.” Pete Hamill

Nary a cloud in the sky nor a hint of precipitation but just a whisper of a delightful breeze and bright warm sunshine!  It was as if God himself had painted the sky a scintillating blue and blessed the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) with a flawless day to bring the community together.  MAC hosted yet another successful event, the Annual Family Picnic on June 22, 2019 at the Meadowvale Conservation Area, Mississauga. 

The festivities began with a prayer and an opening address from Vidya Alvares, the emcee for the day.  Little kids enthusiastically played Passing the Parcel and won treats and gifts for their participation.  Animated and excited children ran all over the park to capture the scattered multi colored leis in the Caterpillar Hunt game.  The creative Step Folder game tested the agility and balance of teenagers who hopped, tethered precariously on one foot yet buoyed by shouts of encouragement raced towards the finish line.   Our seniors came in large numbers to test their aim and strength and displayed their awesome prowess as they knocked the trolls in the Wooden Trip a Troll game.

What is a picnic without the quintessential group games such as volleyball, throw ball and tug-of-war? Women rolled up their sleeves and prepared to play a vigorous and aggressive yet enjoyable game of throw ball.  Men flexed their muscles and demonstrated killer instincts and a winning edge during the volley ball match.  The perfect summer day deserves the ideal water game, the Water Balloon Toss.  Partners formed a line up and faced their partners.  Each coached their partners on the throw and catch technique.  It was gratifying and fun to watch the intent expressions on the competitors faces as they focused on getting the water balloon across to their partners without dropping it.  Tug O War – that Olympian heavy rope symbolizing sheer brute strength, technique and collaboration mobilized men, women and teens to put on their best performance. 

All this exercise and sport made the participants and their families very hungry.  While the tables were being prepared, Manohar Pais, President of the Mangalorean Association of Canada thanked the people for their involvement and patience and also shared details of the 12th Annual MFSI Cricket Tournament.  Proceeds from this tournament will go towards fighting hunger.  Lunch was then served after a short prayer and was a delicious buffet of Mangalorean dishes such as Baffat, Italian dishes such as pasta, salads, beans and vegetables.  To quench the thirst and cool the palates, MAC generously served scoops of ice cream, a treat much enjoyed by everyone.  MAC members and volunteers sold Bingo tickets while Paul Mathias, a magician when it comes to delectable watermelons, cut and served slices of the mouthwatering fruit to all. 

While the volley ball and throw ball final matches ensued, the MAC ladies prepared a delightful blend of tea and served it with biscuits. Satiated and replete with a hot cuppa, it was time to play Bingo.  Winners were thrilled to make some money while resting under the shade of the gazebo.  As the sun descended into the distant horizon, people folded their umbrellas, packed their belongings, waved goodbyes and left tired but content, smiling and happy to share in the camaraderie and joy of being outdoors with family and friends.

A huge shout out and sincere appreciation to Vidya Alvares, Vice President, for her inimitable emceeing of the event, Ivan Lobo for capturing animated and priceless moments with his camera, and Charles D’Souza, Sports Coordinator for organizing and coordinating the program and games.  MAC was tremendously successful in bringing the community together, providing a venue and a platform for new immigrants and members to mingle, get to know each other and have a fun day as well.  Our many thanks to the members and volunteers who devoted their time, energy and skills to help accomplish a sensational and fun event.

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MFSI 12th Annual Cricket Tournament

It’s that time of the year again. MFSI is proud to announce 12th annual cricket tournament.

This year all proceeds from this event will be donated to the Mangalorean Association of Canada’s Fight Hunger project. So come out, participate and PLAY YOUR PART TO FIGHT HUNGER!

Registration deadline is August 1, 2019. So make sure you make those teams fast. Only the first 8 teams to register will be guaranteed participation.
Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 8 AM
Teramoto Park

MAC Summer Family Picnic on June 22nd 2019

Soak in the sun!  Play some games!  Win some prizes!  Enjoy a potluck and a day out with family and friends!

Join us in large numbers at the Annual Summer Picnic organized by the Mangalorean Association of Canada on June 22, 2019 from 10 am to 6 pm at the Meadowvale Conservation Park – Area C. Details in the flyer.

Mangalorean Association of Canada celebrates Family Social – 2019

Report by Janet D’souza

Photographs by Sunil Bantwal.

Glittering chandeliers!  Vibrant and colorful décor!  Glitzy and spectacular evening wear!  It was an evening unparalleled in its celebration, ambience and execution.   The Annual Family Social organized by the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) on May 4, 2019 at the Payal Banquet and Convention Centre was a resounding success with over 500 guests, an astonishing number of sponsors, amazing gifts and a surprise event.  The Social was hosted by emcee, Melwyn D’Silva who ensured the completion of a flawless program; the live band, Big Foot, who enchanted the guests with their riveting vocals and all time classics and DJ, Kaya whose pulsating music got people flocking on to the dance floor.

The festivities started at around 7 pm with the emcee formally welcoming the guests and introducing the President of MAC, Manohar Pais.  Announcements for delicious appetizers and housekeeping rules followed and once done, the band set up the tone for the evening with some mellow music that beguiled the guests to sway and dance.  Line dancing was next and everyone, novices and the experienced, enthusiastically participated in it.    

The crème de la crème of the Family Social was the Jive dance competition.  The competitors performed with consummate perfection and unparalleled technique much to the excitement of an enthusiastic crowd.  It was definitely a difficult decision for the judges who determined the 3 winners after 2 sets of music and pre-determined rules.  The top winner was Derryl and Melanie Vaz; the second winner was Lloyd and Ayesha D’Costa and the third winner was Raveen and Natalia Lobo.  A surprise Salsa presentation was then performed by Angelo and Kathy De Torres, with their sensual movements and fluid swaying rhythmic steps.  Their energy and liveliness captivated the audience and in a wonderful spirit of community and camaraderie, both stayed on stage to teach a few Salsa movements to the guests.

Rev. Fr. Henry Alva led the Grace and he thanked God for showering his blessings and encouraged the association to continue their contributions to the community.  Dinner was served at 9.30 pm and was an amazing and ample buffet of salads, vegetables, meat and desserts that were delicious and satiated all types of tastes and palates.    Manohar Pais, President of MAC then addressed the audience, welcomed and introduced his new Executive Committee, thanked the guests for their support and participation, recapped the accomplishments of the association and highlighted the generosity of the sponsors. 

Sponsors contribute to the development of the association and provide them with the means to grow and fulfill their objectives and also generate immense goodwill within the community.  The sponsors for MAC are its pillars of strength never failing to demonstrate their abundant munificence.  2019 was also spectacular as MAC had sponsors from across the world spreading from Ontario to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Mangalore, India.  In recognition of their support and in appreciation for their continual encouragement, the sponsors were called upon, welcomed on stage and each was honored with a rose.  The amazing door prizes and 50/50 draw attracted the attention of guests who rushed to buy tickets.  The much awaited raffle and 50/50 draw was a huge success with 50% of the collection going towards Sneha Sagar, an orphanage for children in Mumbai.

A noteworthy mention to Sunil Bantwal, the photographer, who worked tirelessly to capture moments and memories that will be treasured by all guests.   An event of this magnitude requires the strong shoulders, selfless support, time and skills of an entire village and the Mangalorean community came together as one to volunteer to make this Family Social an overwhelming success.  MAC recognizes and thanks the collaboration and help of its guests, members and volunteers who with their passion and enthusiasm embodies the motto, “Together we make a difference”. 

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MAC organized Lenten Mission with renowned preachers

By Gerry D’Mello

Pictures by Ronald D’Souza

The Mangalorean Association of Canada had a great beginning in this Year 2019 with the graceful and spirit-filled spiritual mission during the Lenten season.   The main preacher was Sr.Hazel D’Souza, a renowned preacher from Mumbai, accompanied by Rev.Fr.Roshan D’Souza.  Rev.Fr.Edwin D’Souza, the Spiritual Director of MAC was the main celebrant for all the Masses. 

Starting from March 9th the spiritual thirst-quenching retreat talks were preached on every Saturdays during the Holy month of Lent.  All talks were based on the Holy Bible. The graceful retreat was focussed on in-depth enlightenment towards the Word of God.  There was a special spiritual talk addressed to the Youth on 30th March 2019 by Sr.Hazel.  This spiritual program was held at Sts.Martha & Mary Church, Mississauga. Konkani choir with angelic singing led by Ms. Merlyn Rodrigues was soul-elevating. The turnout was reasonably good and it was encouraging to see the number was increasing week after week.  Undoubtedly, this spiritual event conducted by MAC has succeeded stirring-up the spirituality of many Mangaloreans and Goans residing in Mississauga & surrounding areas.

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Jessy Alvares (81 Years), Ballalbagh, Mangalore, India

Jessy Alvares (81 years), retd teacher, wife of the late Victor Alvares, mother of Vijay/Sabina, Vinay/Joyce and  Vidya/Olwin, grandmother of Naysa, Richa, Rhea, Jake and Bianca, passed away on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Mortal remains will be brought to St Francis Xavier Church, Bejai, Mangalore on Sunday, February 24 at 3.30 pm for public viewing, followed by Mass at 4.30 pm.

On behalf of the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC), we offer our deepest sympathies and prayers for the soul of Jessy Alvares, beloved mother of Vidya Pereira nee Alvares, current Vice President of MAC, and Olwin Pereira, current PR Coordinator of MAC. Our thoughts are with the family in this time of sorrow and bereavement.

Residence:  Sai Palace Apartment, flat no 1103, “Victory”, Ballalbagh, Mangalore.

To offer condolences please click: