MAC Hosts MAC Social 2017!

It was an evening out of a fairy tale – glamorous setting, dazzling men and women in their glitzy evening wear, a riveting live band and a scrumptious buffet. With a record crowd of over 600 people, the Annual Family Social organized by Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) on April 29 at Payal Banquet and Convention Centre was a remarkable success. Hosted by emcee, Jude Menezes who executed the programme flawlessly to the live band, Memory Lane who enthralled the guests with their amazing vocals and accompaniment, it was an evening of indulgence, fun and spontaneity.

The evening began with a welcome address from Jude. He then invited the guests, who required no cajoling, to dance to some lilting upbeat tunes. This was quickly followed by a vibrant line dancing session with over 200 dancers in organized lines on the dance floor. One of the highlights of the evening was a performance by Samantha and Savannah Goveas who captivated the audience with their choreography, grace and dynamic personalities. In a strong show of solidarity, MAC invited two Canadians of Indian origin who are running to be members of Ontario’s Provincial Parliament. Janet D’Souza, former vice-president of MAC introduced the two politicians. Everest Vijay Dante and Clyde Roach then enlightened the audience with their priorities, their commitment and mandate and enlisted the support of people in their riding.

The climax of the event was the Cha Cha Cha and Jive competition which added glitter and glamour to an already glimmering show. Couples moved with impressive precision and unison to the fast paced music and it was equivalent to watching “Dancing with the stars”.The judges, after a careful selection process announced the winners in each category. Mel and Daryll won the Cha Cha Cha competition followed by Wilson and Sharon. Gordon and Claudette won the Jive competition followed by Brannigan and Shinella.

Dinner was a sumptuous buffet of delicious food followed by delectable desserts. Satiated, the guests eagerly awaited more fun and dancing. The after dinner session started off with Manohar Pais, president of MAC, addressing the audience. He acknowledged the sponsors for their generosity and collaboration, recognized the hard work of his executive members and the numerous volunteers and expressed thanks to the guests who chose to be part of the Social. A 50/50 draw was announced and guests rushed to buy tickets hoping to win the big pot. The night was young and the guests even more enthusiastic. The band did not disappoint and played well loved music to keep the momentum going.

MAC extended special thanks to the main sponsors, other sponsors and well-wishers of the event. The main sponsors were Alex Kuzhel of Sutton Group Admiral Realty, Manoj D’Cunha of Sunlife Financial, Arif Shora of Remax Realty and Dr SaimaShora of Shora Dentistry and Shah Ahmed of Rexdale Hyundai Motors. MAC also thanked Lovina D’Souza, fondly known as Photographer Lavi for capturing the night with her lens and freezing epic moments for posterity.

MAC also acknowledged and applauded the support, commitment and dedication of all its members and volunteers who worked hard to organize an event of this magnitude.

And finally, at 2 am, it was time to close the doors on a magnificent and outstanding event of the year, the Annual Family Social 2017.

For pictures of the event click on link below:

MAC Celebrates Monthi Fest 2017

With a passion appropriate to this solemn yet festive event, the Mangalorean Association of Canada (MAC) organized and hosted the traditional Monthi Fest on September 17 at the Maximilian Kolbe Parish in Mississauga.

Leading the religious ceremonies, Gerry D’Mello welcomed the guests and enlightened the audience with the significance of Monthi Fest. Young and older angelic children, dressed in their finery, placed flowers in honour of Mother Mary to the accompaniment of ‘Sokkad Sangatha Melyan’ and ‘Moriyek Hogolsiyan’. With the blessing of the sheaves of grain, the congregation followed by the Knights of Columbus, the priests and young men carrying the statue of our Mother Mary walked eagerly in a procession to the church for a Konkani mass.

The church resounded with the singing of the Konkani choir led by Merlyn Rodrigues. From the subdued anticipation of the faithful Catholics gathered for mass to the solemn assemblage of Fr Edwin D’Souza, Fr Henry Alva, Fr Andrew Lewis, Fr Roshan D’Souza, Fr Martin Pereira and Deacon Sarfaraz Pinto to the powerful, soul-stirring homily preached by Fr Roshan D’Souza, people participated in the excitement of reminiscent traditions, the taste of sugarcane and traditions from back home.

The cultural programme commenced in the church hall with a light snack and an introductory welcome speech by Manohar Pais, president of MAC. He introduced the comperes of the evening, Nisha Pereira and Jake Pereira who set the evening on fire with their warmth and enthusiasm.

A vivacious and graceful classical dance glorified Mother Mary. The pièce de résistance of the evening was a tableau depiction of the ‘Sorrowful Mysteries’. Written and directed by Manohar Pais, the actors brought to life the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus and the unwavering love of Mother Mary with their evocative and exquisite performances. Such was the passion and powerful emotion displayed by the actors during the play, it no longer felt like acting but undeniably real. An exuberant dance was performed by young children to music provided by Rohan Crasta and choreographed by Nina Crasta and Marjoreen Machado.

Manohar Pais and Melwyn Menezes, vice-president of MAC extended their gratitude to the many sponsors by inviting them on stage and applauding their generosity. Fr Edwin D’Souza then blessed the new corn or the ‘Noven’ ensuring the continuation of a tradition endearingly followed by Catholics universally. This was followed by a sumptuous vegetarian dinner lovingly cooked catered by Loy D’Souza of Konkan Delite. Of noteworthy mention was the ‘Vorn’, a delectable dessert made of coconut milk, rice, cane sugar and cashews.

The dinner was followed by a spectacular dance choreographed by Carol Lobo. In striking costumes and jewellery, the dancers transported the audience to Mangaluru and the cultural traditions of their hometowns.

Music can be sweeping and glorious expressing so many emotions and each culture has its own intrinsic form. Choreographed and organized by Sonia Monteiro, the group performance of singers set the stage on fire with their incredible Konkani songs kindling a rush of memories from times long forgotten. A mesmerizing Bollywood dance by the group called ‘Funky Five’ coordinated by Eryl Menezes captivated the audience who enthusiastically supported the young performers.

Education has always been a priority for MAC who initiated a scholarship programme for first year university entrants. The 2017 scholarship winners were Clementina D’Souza and Kenneth Pinto, both gifted youngsters with an incredible work ethic and determined focus on their career path. The scholarship awards were presented by Janet D’Souza and the awards were handed over by Maxim D’Mello, former president of MAC and Prescilla D’Mello and Reginald Fernandes, former auditor of MAC and Mary Fernandes.

The final item in the programme was the 50/50 raffle draw and the awarding of door prizes. As much as 50% of the proceeds from the raffle draw were allocated to the building of a church in Manipur. With the singing of ‘Laudate’, the beautiful Nativity cultural programme was concluded.

MAC sincerely appreciates the support and participation of all the volunteers especially Leon Lobo, Earl Dacara, Ivan Lobo and Michele D’mello and the dedication and commitment of its members and organizers who worked tirelessly to make Monthi Fest an astounding success.

For pictures of the event please click on the link below:


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It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Executive committee

MAC, a non-profit, non-political volunteer organization based in Mississauga, Ontario elected a new Executive Committee.

New comer assistance

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